Can I share a portfolio on my website?

Can I share a portfolio on my website?


You can share your own and others' public portfolios on your website using an embed code, along with the performance chart and image. Use this feature to easily exchange information with other traders. This feature is available for PC only.

Please follow the steps below to get an embed code.

Step 1

Click (1) "Share" > (2) "Portfolio" at the top of the Myforex website.

Portfolio list
Portfolio list

Step 2

Click the portfolio you wish to share.

Choose a portfolio
Choose a portfolio
point Tip

Portfolios that are visible only to Myforex members can be accessed after logging in to the Client Manager.

To log in to the Client Manager, please see the following page.

Step 3

You will see the details of the portfolio. Click "Share" below the chart.

Portfolio sharing 1
Portfolio sharing 1

Step 4

Choose "Embed" to share it on your website.

Portfolio sharing 2
Portfolio sharing 2

Please see the following article to share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Step 5

Select the type of social sharing image, either (1) Basic, Simple, or Review. For the Basic and Simple views, choose (2) the period to display on the chart (only for the Basic view), (3) whether or not to display the trader's name, and (4) the background color (only for the Simple view). Copy (5) the generated code to your website.

Portfolio sharing 3
Portfolio sharing 3
Shows the chart with the realized P/L and drawdown, the same as the one on the portfolio page.
You can (2) customize the period and (3) show/hide the trader's name.
Shows the profit/loss for the selected period.
You can (3) show/hide the trader's name and (4) customize the background color.
ReviewShows the profit/loss and the comment based on our own evaluation system.
point Tip

Embedding means adding external content to a website or page. To show a portfolio on your website, copy and paste a generated embed code into the HTML viewer window of the website.





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