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  1. How do I create a portfolio?

    Our portfolios retrieve your trade data via MetaTrader4/5 servers. Use them to share your trade...
  2. I want to delete my portfolio.

    You can delete your Myforex portfolio anytime. If you delete a portfolio, all the trade data th...
  3. How many portfolios can I create on Myforex?

    On Myforex, you can create up to three portfolios per account. You can create or delete a portf...
  4. The MT4/MT5 server or password registered on my portfolio has changed.

    If there is a change in the MT4/MT5 server or password for the trading account associated with ...
  5. I want to change the portfolio name.

    A portfolio name can be changed at any time. You can use an auto-generated name as well as crea...
  6. What is the Myforex portfolio?

    The Myforex portfolio summarizes your trading performance on MT4/MT5. The visibility can be set...
  7. I got a message "Password is incorrect".

    If you receive a message "Password is incorrect" when checking the connectivity for y...
  8. Can I register an investor password as my account information?

    Yes, you can enter your master password as well as an investor password (a read-only password) ...
  9. How often are portfolios updated?

    Myforex portfolios are updated every 30 minutes. New positions will be reflected in the next up...
  10. Can I change the trading account for my portfolio?

    No, you can't change the account associated with your portfolio. If you want to change it t...
  11. Can I make my account private?

    Yes, you can make your account private. Go to (1) Visibility and click (2) "Change" i...
  12. Where can I view the commission or swap for a position?

    To view the commission and swap for a position, go to the activity page. On the "Open/Clos...
  13. I want to change the portfolio visibility.

    You can change your portfolio visibility anytime. Choose private, visible to all users, or visi...
  14. Can I show P/L in points?

    Yes. P/L is displayed in the base currency by default, but you can choose to show it in points ...
  15. Can I show my Myforex portfolio on social media or other platforms?

    Yes, you can share your public portfolio on your social media, blogs, etc. It allows you to sha...
  16. I want to pause the sync of my portfolio.

    On Myforex, the trade data on the portfolio is usually synchronized with the MT server at regul...
  17. What can I find in the trading account information and statistics section on the performance page?

    In the trading account information and statistics sections, we compile the account balances and...
  18. I want to change the account type / trading style of my portfolio.

    If you have changed your account type with your broker, please update the portfolio information...
  19. How do I download my trading history?

    You can track the transaction history of the accounts in your Myforex portfolios on the activit...
  20. Where do I find public portfolios?

    Portfolios that are set to "Visible to all users" can be viewed by anyone. Those set ...

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