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  1. How do I sign up for Myforex?

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    You can create a new account by following the steps below. Creating an account is free for anyo...
  2. Is it free to use Myforex?

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    Yes, Myforex is completely free to use. No registration fees or membership fees are required. ...
  3. Can I create a new Myforex account after deleting an old one?

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    Yes, you can create a Myforex account even after you delete your account. However, please note ...
  4. What are the Myforex password requirements?

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    Your password should contain 12 or more characters (letters and numbers). Password is case-sens...
  5. I forgot my Myforex password. How do I reset it?

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    If you can't remember your password, reset it from the login page. A password reset email w...
  6. Are there any age or country restrictions for signing up?

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    No, Myforex can be used by anyone, regardless of age or country of residence. However, you'...
  7. Will any documents be sent to my house upon signing up?

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    No, Myforex will not send you any documents to your house by mail. Furthermore, we do not accep...
  8. I want to add a Myforex profile picture.

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    You can add your Myforex profile picture from the profile settings after logging in to Myforex....
  9. Do I need to provide any identification documents to sign up?

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    No, you don't need to submit any identification documents such as proof of identity or addr...
  10. How do I delete my Myforex profile picture?

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    You can delete your Myforex profile picture from the profile settings after logging in to Myfor...
  11. How do I change my Myforex username?

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    You can change your Myforex username from the profile settings after logging in to Myforex. Ple...
  12. How do I log into the Myforex Client Manager?

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    Use your email address and password to log into the Myforex Client Manager. You can also link y...
  13. Does Myforex support social login?

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    Yes, Myforex is compatible with social login. You can use other accounts such as Google or Twit...
  14. I didn't receive a confirmation email after signing up for Myforex.

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    If you do not receive an email after registration, please check the following: Did you enter...
  15. I get a message saying "Your email address or password are incorrect".

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    Please make sure that you are using the correct email address and password. If you can't re...
  16. I forgot my email address for Myforex.

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    Go to "Forgotten your password?" in the bottom right corner of the Myforex login page...
  17. How do I change the language on the Client Manager?

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    The Myforex Client Manager can be displayed in either English or Japanese. Different languages ...
  18. How do I close my Myforex account?

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    To close your Myforex account, go to the settings after logging in to Myforex. Once it is close...
  19. How do I log out of Client Manager?

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    To log out of the Client Manager, select "Logout" from your icon in the top right cor...
  20. I haven't received a text message with a security code.

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    It may take a few minutes to receive a security code via SMS. If you do not receive it within 5...

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